Femslash fanfictions and their sources

Are you into fanfictions?

Sometimes I just love to read others’ femslash fanfictions. Why? It relaxes my mind and I love to be in another “universe” when I read them. I can imagine a whole other world, I can sometimes relate to the characters (if it’s really well written :)).
So here are a few pages where great fanfictions can be found:

PP (all kind of fanfictions)

Bad Girls fanfiction (UK series, Nikki/Helen)

ER (I loved this, unfortunately not active, from Season 7, Kim/Kerry,)

Sassy (You can find lots of fanfiction sites on LiveJournal if you are interested, just search for them, CSI:Las Vegas Sara/Sofia)

Fanfiction.net (search for femslash)

There are many others, these are just what came to my mind now.

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