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A quick reminder of “our” hot blonde decetive

Louise Lombard in CSI

Yes, in a few weeks (to be exact on 28th April and then 5th May as well) you will be seeing Louise Lombard again in another detective character, similar to the CSI one.

She will play in the NCIS spin-off, NCIS Legend. Her character is Lara (the female lead), a strong woman, hopefully bringing that swagger with herself. 😉 I just miss that one.

So tune in and enjoy the show with at least one familar face!

I wonder if we would see her in a navy uniform at all…

Further Louise Lombard pictures and videos can be found here, here and here.

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Do you have 60 minutes?

For the Earth? On which you live?

If yes, then just turn off the light for 60 lightly minutes and enjoy your life without electricity. A pleasant talk with your friend, a candle-light dinner with your partner, a great party with whomever you want to, do it and take part in this movement. It couldn’t hurt, right? :)

You can also download some goodies from it’s official site, Check them out!

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