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The “Worth” series: 10+1 lesbian comic strips worth checking out

The “Worth” series is about everything that is worth checking out: lesbian cartoons, series, movies, webpages. Weekly updates, look out for Sundays!

The Worth Series - Lesbian related hot lists

I’m sure it has happened to you as well when you were looking for something and you ended up getting something entirely different…and in a good way. Last year I wrote a tiny piece about the lesbian cartoon “Jane’s world” and yesterday I wanted to dwell on again this fantastic world and then the idea came up to look for more lesbian cartoons because there must be more out there, right?? So I went ahead and I searched for them and it got me quite a few hours to realise that the lesbian community has quite a few of them on comic pages.

After the cut I listed 10 lesbian comics that I found online and one bonus for all of you, probably you are familiar with it already :)

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