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Where to buy/rent lesbian movies?

Here is a list where you can order your very own lesbian featured DVD (and no, I’m not talking about porn ladies :)

1. Wolfe Video – They have a wide range of films, many times DVDs are on sale so don’t go and browse through their list.

2. TLA Video – Less films but they promote themselves damn good

3. Moviefone

4. Netflix – If you don’t want to buy them but you are curious enough, try rent one!

5. Amazon.com – I think I don’t have to introduce this to anyone

6. Lovefilm – Who have thought so that would be that much?

7. Outvideo – Rent in Australia!

8. Amazon.ca – Anyone wants to invite me to Canada?

9. Amazon.co.uk – Can’t forget about UK

10. Kleptomaniac.com – All for you girls – Update: broken link

If you think you can add to this list, then comment! The field is yours, gals!

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