This is goodbye

The End

Hey all,

I no longer wish to update this blog and this decision is permanent. Why?

  • school
  • work
  • no energy
  • less time
  • all of above

You can pick.

Although I really would love to thank all of you your kind words, support and encouragement (this 1,5 year of blogging was fun!) and I hope every one of you will get from life what you always wanted!

Until we meet again:

Merry Christmas and a big Happy New Year!

Take care,


P.S. I will maintain my subtitles site further (though I don’t know how often that will be updated) and will probably leave this blog just at it is. If you want to contact me about anything, don’t hesitate, do so through my Contact page or my Twitter account.

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Sweetest things

There goes the ‘ahs’ and ‘ohs’…yeah, the cat is the cutest thing!

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Coincidences (2/?) – Emily/JJ femslash fanfic

Title: Coincidences
Author: frenhu
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: “Criminal Minds” belongs to CBS (but Peter and Dr. Wasgel are mine …hahaha (*evil laugh*).
Summary: A/U. Emily and JJ are not profilers. They don’t have anything to do with the FBI. They are just ordinary people: a translator and a soon-to-be-doctor. Their ways cross each other’s and we all know what that means: there are no coincidences.
Authors Note: A shout out to my wonderful beta, audiopineapple . You are awesome!

Part One

Emily and JJ in 100th episode of Criminal Minds

Emily sat in her office when a knock interrupted her typing. It was her colleague, Peter, who was like a brother to the brunette: working 7 years side by side, pulling long hours day by day created a very special bond between them. Peter was always there for Emily and vice versa: they trusted and respected each other.

“Hey, do you want to grab lunch at Guardo’s in 10 minutes?” – asked Peter somewhat out of breath.

Emily looked up at the red haired man and smiled, he was over 40 but he could easily deny 10 years: he was strong, athletic, handsome and had always a toothed smile on his face. Emily was blessed with a friend and coworker like him.

“Sure, meet you in front of the building, I just have to finish this document.” – she eyed her college for a minute and then asked somewhat surprised – “Why is that goofy smile you have now?”

Peter just rolled his eyes and said – “Can’t I just be pleased that I will have a pleasant lunch with my favourite girl, now can I?”

But she wasn’t fooled that easily – “No…you have something to tell…hmm…what is it?”

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News of the week: TV Guide scoop on Criminal Minds and one happy dance

God, I know it seems that this blog is turning into Criminal Minds and Paget Brewster obsession page but please, bear with me because I just got the freakishly great news today and I’m bouncing up and down…I know, I know…And now you are curious what I’m blabbing about? Take a look at the new scoop at  TV Guide and pay attention to one little question there about Criminal Minds and Prentiss:

“I’m obsessed with Criminal Minds! Are they ever going to get Prentiss a boyfriend? — Erin
ADAM: Based on the number of emails we receive about a Hotch-Prentiss hookup each week, the fan demand is certainly there. There’s just one pesky problem, according to executive producer Ed Bernero. “We don’t even know if Prentiss is straight,” he tells me. Bernero was coy about whether or not we’ll actually see any girl-on-girl action, but he did say that Hotch and Prentiss are an essential pair. “I think what’s more important to us is their friendship. It’s too important to mess up with them sleeping together.”

I mean really???? 😀 It’s so good that they are thinking about that too (not about the Hotch/Prentiss pairing because that would be just yuck!) and maybe, just maybe there will be some reference to her sexuality in the future! 🙂

Finally, after the photos of the celebration of the 100th episode there is a clip with spoilers so watch carefully!!


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Lola Glaudini and Paget Brewster in Andy Richter Controls the Universe

Another must-see for every Paget Brewster fan: Andy Richter Controls the Universe. It was a comedy tv show from 2002, only with two seasons but she is hilarious in this! Seriously, she has some fine scenes and most of them are funny so here is a clip by the wonderful KwOooh, fantastic compilation!! 🙂

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Ming-Na’s lesbian character in Stargate Universe S1Ep09 – Life (video)

Did you watch the episode?

We got a little insight in Camile Wray’s life (played by Ming-Na) and now we know who is waiting for her back on Earth (a pretty, pretty lady). If you are not familiar with the show and the story, to sum it up, it is about a bunch of people that got stuck on a spaceship and they are trying to find their way home which is not so easy as you can assume. However, with those ancient magic stones  they can communicate with Earth by physically taking control of a body of an exact person on the super secret military base…anyway, watch and enjoy the video 🙂

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Chuck Season 3 premier on 10th January! (promo video)

Yeah, I just had to mention a couple of days ago that I miss Chuck and here it is: wohooo!

A two-hour premier on Sunday, 19 more episodes and hopefully this season will be so good that there will be a 4th as well 🙂

Are you as excited as I am? 😀

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Louise Lombard in Stargate Universe

Louise Lombard is off the radar nowadays which kinda sucks. She won’t be back on CSI, she was replaced in NCIS:Los Angeles after the intro episodes and she hasn’t been in any movies lately.

So you can tell how happy I was when it was announced that she will appear in an episode of the new Stargate Universe tv show (in which Ming-Na, known from ER, is playing a lesbian. You can find an interview with her on AfterEllen. And I recommend to watch today’s epi called “Life”. Why? Just watch it, no spoilers from me 🙂 ).Ming-Na in Stargate Universe

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Venice – The Series: Season One teaser video

Remember Guiding Light? How about our lovely pairing, Otalia? They are finally back in a web series called “Venice”. Well, not quite them but the two actresses do couple up in the show again and I think we will see them kissing this time…fingers crossed!

The show will start 4th December, only two more weeks! Yay! 🙂

Follow them on Twitter or visit the series official site!

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Criminal Minds interviews and 100th episode promo video

If you enjoyed the promo photos earlier, you will love this as well: here is the promo video for 100th episode and it is like: ….WHAAATTTT???

I think that’s it for now, enjoy reading! 🙂
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