Done and done

Just finished the statistics what I had to make today….it’s 1:41am here. I’ve drank a coffee earlier and now I can not sleep. Well, at least I post something here as well. The last 3 days were really hectic at work. My boss is on holiday and I had a long-long-long list what I had to do till tomorrow.

But on Friday I will go to a music festival (called Balaton Sound) which will be f….. great!!!!! 😀 2 days of heaven!!!!!!!!!!! Will sleep in a tent (or not sleep at all ;)), listen every musician who I can (Massive Attack and Goldfrapp, yay!!). Unfortunately José Padilla canceled his concert… 🙁 Next time then!

And nowadays I listen a lot of Nouvelle Vague. I have two albums from them and some songs are just so true…search for them!

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