Sappy soap opera — yuck…

So yesterday I stayed up till late and read a bit fanfiction and somewhere I have seen the text “Bianca and Maggie” in All My Children. I didn’t know what it was just that it contained f/f (female/female) scenes (later I got to know that there was a lesbian character in it….correction, more than one character), so I searched for it on YouTube.
And all I must say is that it was soooooo laaameee (sorry AMC fans!!) but really, an american soap opera???? Brazilian, Argentin or Mexican would be okay because I am used to it (not watching just knowing the existing of them)…..but this????
Still, if you are curious what this is about, click on (they have an own website!!) and look for the “Timeline” in the menu. If you have a free 2-3 hours, go for it 😀

And don’t watch this video if you really want to know what this is about! It contains spoiler! But this part was the best (???) of the series and has something to say…or at least some sentences from it…

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  1. Ace
    24/08/2008 at 03:11 Permalink

    Dude, the Bianca and Maggie storyline is not lame. It’s interesting, if you watch it from the beginning to end. And not just spoiler parts, like this video you posted, which can then be lame. I’m a heterosexual guy and was pulled in by these two hotties. I was surfing YouTube and came across them, saw the BAMChannel and subscribed to it and even headed over to Then I Googled them (Bianca and Maggie) and saw their fantastic article on Wikipedia. Apparently, they are this huge supercouple that the show All My Children never let have a fully realized onscreen physical romance. Damn idiots!

    Anyway, maybe I just like them because I’m a dude and I enjoy girls kissing and being sexually intimate with each other, but this storyline was/is actually interesting.

  2. Fren
    24/08/2008 at 11:17 Permalink


    I’m a woman who likes woman, enjoy lgbt movies…but if you have seen many well-directed lgbt scenes, films or tv shows, you will know what I am talking about 🙂

    Watch Desert Hearts, The Gymnast or even Fingersmith. Great characters, storyline, directing. But then again maybe you won’t like these movies as I don’t like the Bianca Maggie storyline…we are all different and that’s the greatest things ever 🙂