Messages from lolka and bolka

Sometimes I get interesting messages on my YouTube channel, here are some tidbits from them (uncutted version with my comments):

“i think Hungarian girls are so gorgeous…are you lesbian???…iam so if you wanna chat please message me….k????…kisses” — well, I know Hungarian girls are gorgeous (really, if you come here, your eyes will be r-e-a-l-l-y tired after some time….;) )

” hey…im a lesbian…n i js need 2 talk 2 sum1 bout ma self” — Ahha, first please learn how to WRITE and then find a psychologist

” well r u a lesbian/bio???” — what kind of question is that???

“hi there, i love the movies you put in yer site.. ” lesbian movies’ which has bed scene makes me hot … keep up the good work” — errrrr…..greeaaattt…….eeerrrrrr…..

” can u send me some lesbian movie???” — Hehe, definitely NO!

Of course there are nice ones so I want to thank all of you who gave me some feedback in the past and please, keep them coming! 🙂

Aaaannd a known tune for those who are bored at work 🙂

Update:I don’t know what the heck was here before, the song I mean, but let’s listen to some other music 🙂


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