Morning Snuggle – Otalia fanfiction (Guiding Light)

Title: Morning Snuggle

Author: Meatisadelicacy
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: They aren’t mine, unforunately.
And also: Thanks to takethisstep for her beta services.


Under normal circumstances, the little girl would still be deep within Morpheus’ realm at 7:06 on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately, since moving out of the farmhouse and into the new apartment, things had been anything but normal for the displaced Spencer women. Emma wasn’t exactly sure why, but she knew they were not as happy at their new home as they had been living with Natalia. She supposed that her mommy was missing Natalia just as much as she was, which led to the start of their new weekend ritual.

Every Saturday morning, Emma would silently leave the warmth of her own bed and make her way into Olivia’s room with such stealth it would make the CIA proud. They snuggled together under the blankets, sleepily talking about the past week and making plans for the rest of the day. Eventually, the two got out of bed and attempted to make breakfast, often leading to burnt pancakes and tummies full of Lucky Charms. Olivia had learned a lot of things living with Natalia, but cooking was not one of them. The earsplitting alert of the smoke detector could attest to that.

This particular Saturday started just like any other weekend. Emma woke up, threw back the covers and slipped out of bed. Hugging her teddy bear good morning, they mutely padded down the hall towards her mother’s bedroom. Carefully closing the door behind her, Emma saw her mom was still sleeping with her back to the door. Whenever Emma was the first to wake, she took devilish delight in climbing on next to her mom and tickling her awake. As her footed pajamas silently crossed the carpet, Emma dropped her teddy bear and stopped dead in her tracks. There would be no tickling today – a second lump already in bed with her mother.

Never having seen anyone else cuddling with her mother before, Emma wasn’t sure what to think. She studied the two forms for a minute, but the sheets covered their bodies, and all that could be seen was her mother’s bare arm wrapped possessively around the mystery guest. From her position directly at the foot of the bed, Emma observed her mother’s face was buried in long, dark hair. Continuing her journey, something about that hair struck her as familiar….

“Natalia!” Emma squealed, delighted to see her other mommy after so many weeks apart.

Natalia’s eyes flew open as she sat up, barely managing to catch the sheet before it revealed her naked form. “What’s a matter…” Olivia sleepily mumbled, attempting to snuggle closer to her bedmate.

Natalia ignored Olivia and focused on the little girl who was literally jumping up and down in her excitement. “You’re back! Are you going to live with us here? Who is at the farmhouse? Why didn’t I get to come to the sleepover?” Emma’s rapid fire of questions was too much for Natalia’s sleep deprived brain to comprehend.

“Uh…we… hi, Em,” Never having experienced this particular situation when Rafe was a boy, Natalia had no idea how to explain being caught naked in bed with her lover.

Olivia laughed quietly and grabbed the sheet to cover keep her breasts covered. After kissing a soft shoulder, Olivia attempted to get the situation under control. “Emma, can you go get out the Lucky Charms and give Natalia and me a minute to wake up?”

“Sure, Mommy!” Emma nodded happily and began running out of the room. Just before she got to the door, she turned and ran back. “I missed you, Natalia.” Tears welled in Natalia’s eyes, and before she could respond, Emma was out the door.

Natalia shook her head and rolled around to face the woman who was idly tracing patterns on her hip.

“Lucky Charms?” Natalia asked after stealing a quick kiss.

“You thought I would magically morph into Martha Stewart or something?” Olivia scoffed. “I can’t even do laundry.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Natalia wasn’t about to let her off so easily.

“Yes,” Olivia said with a quirked brow.

“You’re impossible,” declared Natalia. “Come on, let’s not keep our daughter waiting.”

El fin.

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    This begs for a sequel. Can I host it on Koffee and Kisses? If so visit the site – – and send me an email.