Callie and Arizona in Grey’s Anatomy

I admit I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy since the departure of Dr. Erica Hahn and how the writers ended the relationship with them. They were not the perfect pairing but I tuned in for them week by week.
(BTW I haven’t imagined that on femslash fanfiction sites the pairing Erica/Callie is so vivid…I was expecting the new Callizona…hmm…they keep alive this fandom…hearts for fans..)

And now that Callie has a new relationship with another woman I still don’t watch it.

BUT! I watched the clips with them and there is a chemistry what I can not ignore. The actress who plays Arizona is Jessica Capshaw now has become a regular on the show (she played in Bones and The L Word as well) .


I like her charachter, witty, funny, charming and if someone would say something like she said to Callie in the OR (take a peek in the video at around 4:46), I would melt right away….seriously, how cute is that?


And Kellie Martin!!!! Gosh, I loved her on ER back then when she played Lucy…my heart went out for her when she died 🙁

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  1. Alexandra
    24/06/2009 at 05:38 Permalink

    I have to say that I love this pairing much more than callica. Callie and Erica were almost to similar and Arizona is exactly what Callie needs right now.

    Plus I happen to be in love with Arizona. =D

  2. Fren
    24/06/2009 at 14:06 Permalink

    You are right, Callie needs Arizona 🙂 I hope they will get along and will not break up!

    I totally understand your love for Arizona! She is awesome 😉

  3. daisy
    29/08/2009 at 01:00 Permalink

    me not likin Callie ‘n’ arizona. I cant see chemisty but thats probably caused by the crap lead up to this relationship. Its all about the tension, or lack of in this case.
    It pisses me off because lesbians suffer from a lack of representation in the media (sorry for stating the obvious) and due to this we rally around this kind of rubbish (myself included) instead of demanding something better.
    I understand why lady above is desperate for ‘the happy couple’ to get along and stay together, but when did that ever happen to the dykes of TV land. It dont happen for the straighteys either, but theres gazzilions of them all over the TV so they dont count. this is drama and as such, happy ever after aint gonna happen.
    Come on Shonda, fight the homophobic numpty’s and give us something worth watchin!!!!

  4. Fren
    30/08/2009 at 14:36 Permalink

    Well, you are partly right but it’s better than nothing, isn’t it? I mean we really don’t have many visibility on screen nowadays, it’s a miracle that a show like Grey’s Anatomy has two lesbian characters in it. And I don’t mind if there won’t be a happy ever after till there are characters like them on TV.

    Just be visible!

  5. daisy
    19/09/2009 at 00:40 Permalink

    oh man…really? Im a wee bit depressed after readin your comment Fren. I understand your better than nothing stance, but come on! We have put up with crap gay representations for years and we (including me… esp. me) have backed them all the way. If we carry on accepting rubbish, then that rubbish is all we are ever going to see. We have to fight for the baby gays who need adequate representation in the media, so as to become the healthy homos of the future. I am gonna watch season 6 of Greys, however, in the vain hope that Shonda and her team have been simply dippin their toes in the water, before finally going in, head first… hope you enjoy season 6

  6. Fren
    19/09/2009 at 13:05 Permalink

    And tell me what can you do? I don’t watch season 6, not a fan after Hanh’s disappearance…but really, in which tv show is there a decent lesbian relationship episodes after episodes? I don’t see many.

    Until there is not a turnaround in the way TV stations think and whoever makes the decision about what is right and what is wrong to show on screen, we don’t have anything other than hope for the best.