Otalia fanfiction: Made For One [PG]

Title – Made For One
Author –
– Guiding Light
– Olivia/Natalia
Spoilers and/or Warnings
– Slightly spoilerish for the May 4th week. Slightly. I just took the starting point and then did my own thing.
– Olivia cannot see to the other side. One-shot.
– PG
– Oh yes, easily resolved…lol

It starts with four inches.

Not quite a great divide, but it feels like a canyon right now. Open and wide, hard to cross. You’d have to put your hand over your brow and squint, trying to see whomever might be on the other side.

Four inches in a bed truly made for one. It might as well be a mile, that is what Olivia thinks.
She’d like to have a drink, but she doesn’t want to move.
Moving requires… well, movement and then Natalia would know that she is up. Natalia might turn on a light and then questions would happen.
And Olivia, being Olivia, might say something stupid.

Better to stay still. Just close my eyes. Try to forget the fact that I am in bed, with the woman I love, and we aren’t talking to each other. Yep. Let’s forget that.

Four damn inches in between them, a tiny space of air against sheets. It is not that big, not that far, but Olivia feels like an ocean separates them.
And her arms are tired from other swims in other lives, those times she tried to reach across and make things right.

And failed, remember? I didn’t swim, I sank. I can’t do that tonight. I am staying right here for now. Closing my eyes. That’s right… I can sleep. I can sleep in this bed, with Natalia pissed off. Sure. Right.

And sleep must have happened, because Olivia jerks herself suddenly, her eyes blinking rapidly and attempting to figure out too much all at once.
But then she recalls. A resort. One room. A bed. A fight. Natalia.


She can’t remember the details of their argument, not anymore. Was it that important? Was it that big of a deal that it had to dump a bucket of cold water on their weekend away?
Olivia sighs out loud.

“I’m sorry.”

A voice slips out into the darkness of the room. And, as if on cue, they both turn in tandem and face each other in the night.

“Me too.”

And, as if it is the most natural thing in the world, they bridge the gap.
That canyon, that ocean… it is traversed in seconds. Four inches down to none, the space now occupied by the two of them.

They hug haphazardly, arms bumping before they find what they seek. But once they do, they don’t let go for the rest of the twilight hours.

“Should we talk?”

And, as if that is all her face has ever been for, Olivia feels the softest kiss upon her cheek.
A whisper of something so much more than either one of them were looking for. A guarantee, signed and sealed by Natalia Rivera’s lips.

“In the morning. Right now, I want to be in your arms.”

Olivia smiles and closes her eyes.

Yep. I can do this. Just close my eyes. And go to sleep… with Natalia.

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