A quickie about fanfictions

I adore fanfictions! I adore those writers who come up with those wonderful fanfictions!! I can’t thank them enough. I’ve got to know so many great people through these writings. So really, thanks!

I was just going through one of Wonko’s fanfictions (called Crossroads) and I am amazed. She is really talented and if you have the time please read other fics from her as well. And it’s even a Guiding Light story!!! Should I say more? 🙂

Also there is another fantastic writer out there I should mention now, DiNova. Her “Hide Beside Me” series is hilarious!!! Check her site out as well, great stuff!!

I envy you people  😛 Cheers!

“I know,” Olivia whispered, eyes shining. “Please, don’t…don’t say anything else.” She leaned forward impulsively and pressed a quick kiss to Natalia’s forehead. “I don’t expect anything, really. You know how I feel and you know what I want. But…if that never happens I won’t love you any less. If all we can ever have is to be two friends who love each other more than anything, I’ll still want it.” She smiled, although her lower lip was trembling in a tell-tale way that Natalia knew meant she was only one word or one touch away from crying.

– from Crossroads, Wonko

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