Coincidences (1/?) – Criminal Minds Emily/JJ fanfic

Title: Coincidences
Criminal Minds
Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau
No, they are not mine….“Criminal Minds” belongs to CBS (unfortunately).
A/U. Emily and JJ are not profilers. They don’t have anything to do with the FBI. They are just ordinary people: a translator and a soon-to-be-doctor. Their ways cross each other’s and we all know what that means: there are no coincidences.
Author’s Note:
As always, thanks audiopineapple for the beta.


Emily and JJ from Criminal Minds

Emily Prentiss was satisfied with her life: she had a successful career which she loved and cherished, great colleges and an even greater boss. She was financially stable, owning a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs and a deep blue Lexus convertible. Her love life couldn’t be any better either, her partner, Steven, was everything she wished for from day one: he was reliable, tender, loving and always on her side whenever she needed someone to comfort her.

It was pretty perfect, actually.

Until one day when she would have sworn everything conspired against her. Of course she didn’t even realized how her life had changed on that exact day. If she knew any better, she could have said it was Fate itself.


After kissing goodbye to her partner, the brunette walked out the front door and headed to her car. She always admired the quietness the suburbs provided her every morning, it felt like she had nothing to worry about and the days always started with a good feeling.

She started the car, put in the latest Diana Krall album and was on her way to her workplace.

Working as a professional translator was exhausting now and then, sometimes she had to be available 24/7 but she was more than willing to sacrifice her time because she enjoyed what she was doing. She couldn’t be any helpless when it came to her love of languages. Steven often complained about how much she worked but she was determined and would make up to him eventually. He had to understand. And he always did.

On her way, she stopped for coffee at her favourite place, The Coffee House. It was a little cozy 24 hours café just 15 minutes from her office and this coffee heaven saved her many times in the past. Like when she could barely keep her eyes open at 3am, not to mention the state her brain was functioning but the finest coffee beans and a little piece of homemade chocolate cake somehow always worked.

As she ordered her coffee and was being served, she turned around and just observed others. Studying body language became her passion in the last couple of months and it helped her a lot in her job as well. She liked to know what she could expect from a person, from the people she was dealing with. She didn’t like surprises and with a little analyzing she could tell almost every time for sure who to trust and whom to stay away from.

So every morning she did her usual ritual, watching people, listening what their body language was saying to her and sometimes making up stories.

But today something was different. She couldn’t tell what was it but something definitely was off. No, not because of the couple arguing loudly at the window table. Love quarrel…the woman was clearly upset about the man leaving for Europe…

Could it be the music? She wondered. Not the usual radio station is on but a chill-out CD. Her next thought was cut off by the server who handed her her guilty pleasure.

And this time when she turned around and started for the door, she was knocked down on the floor with full force and the hot liquid spread all over her pants.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry, shit, I shouldn’t have stood up without looking around…I’m so terribly sorry. Let me help you.”

A hand is offered to Emily by a blonde woman who is probably way too young to be a doctor. She is wearing a white coat with a stethoscope casually lying around her neck. Probably an intern or resident, mused Emily, who was still a bit at loss how she landed on her ass, covered in coffee.

But she took the blonde’s hand and stood up slowly.

“Damn, this is hot! Agrrrhh…fortunately I always have changing clothes at my office but still you could have been more careful…” – Emily said somewhat amazed and frustrated at the same time but when she took the blonde woman’s appearance fully in and noticed her baggy eyes and tired face, she quickly forgot what has happened and continued on a warmer voice.

“You look way too tired. And awfully young to be a doctor. Don’t worry about this, it could happen to anyone.” – she offered a small smile to reassure the worried woman in front of her.

“No, no, it’s my fault, I’ve been up since…what…36 hours and I’m exhausted. I shouldn’t even be here but I needed a 5 minute break. Hmmm…I want to buy you a cup in return. And as a matter of my status, no, I’m not a doctor yet, I’m in my first year of residency and I’m actually not THAT young either.” – a little laughter could be heard from the petite woman and Emily couldn’t help but laugh with her.

“My name is Jennifer by the way. Jennifer Jareau.” – a hand is extended towards Emily the second time that morning and the brunette woman didn’t hesitate this time.

“Emily. Emily Prentiss.” – they both smiled simultaneously and after Emily gathered herself together they started for the counter.

“What would you like?” – asked Jennifer while drawing 15 bucks out of her pocket.

“A chocolate mocha without cream, please.”

“Two for me as well.” – the young resident said as she eyed Emily curiously. She felt terrible enough to cause any inconvenience for the brunette..she was fully awake now, if she would be truthful she was quite taken aback by the others woman warmness. Not everyone would have taken the incident as smoothly as Emily did and Jennifer was incredibly grateful for it. She had 10 more hours to go in her shift.

Her thoughts were cut by Emily’s question and concern – “Won’t those be too much for you? You will hyperventilate if you overdose this stuff.”

“Ah, no, those are for my colleges, they are on for 28 hours now and I thought they could use the help…”

Now both women studied silently each other and surprisingly it wasn’t awkward at all. They both felt that something was different that morning. They just couldn’t pinpoint what exactly.

The comfortable silence was disturbed by the coffee boy as he was ready to give their orders to them.

Jennifer handed one cup to Emily and took the rest in the other hand and payed. Then they walked together to the door, the blonde holding the door for the brunette, walking out.

“I’m sorry again what happened, I can assure you next time I will be more careful…no, scratch that, there won’t be a next time…hopefully.” – Jennifer didn’t know why she was so nervous suddenly, she didn’t have any reason for feeling like this, even her voice trembled a bit.

“As I said earlier, don’t worry about it, it happens sometimes. Thanks for the coffee. I have to go now but it was nice meeting you, Jennifer.”

“Call me JJ, everybody does. And it was the least I could do to make that clumsiness of mine somewhat up to you. Nice meeting you too.”

As Emily got in her car, JJ couldn’t look anywhere else. She couldn’t explain why, she was drawn to the brunette. She just hoped it wasn’t the last time she saw Emily Prentiss.

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