Louise Lombard in Stargate Universe

Louise Lombard is off the radar nowadays which kinda sucks. She won’t be back on CSI, she was replaced in NCIS:Los Angeles after the intro episodes and she hasn’t been in any movies lately.

So you can tell how happy I was when it was announced that she will appear in an episode of the new Stargate Universe tv show (in which Ming-Na, known from ER, is playing a lesbian. You can find an interview with her on AfterEllen. And I recommend to watch today’s epi called “Life”. Why? Just watch it, no spoilers from me 🙂 ).Ming-Na in Stargate Universe

But back to the british hottie, she will play Dr. Gloria Rush in the 14th episode called “Human” which will air sometime in the New Year.

“While experimenting with the ship’s computer, Rush flashes back to a time of personal tragedy.”

Sounds interesting enough! And there is a photo as well of her with short and brown hair. Hmm…I preferred long and blonde but hey, any Louise is good Louise! 🙂

Louise Lombard in Stargate Universe episode "Human"

Now I just hope she will land in a series for good. How could she not be on the screen? That I don’t understand.

Oh, and it seems Amanda Tapping is back for more guest appearance as well! Lucky for us!

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