Ming-Na’s lesbian character in Stargate Universe S1Ep09 – Life (video)

Did you watch the episode?

We got a little insight in Camile Wray’s life (played by Ming-Na) and now we know who is waiting for her back on Earth (a pretty, pretty lady). If you are not familiar with the show and the story, to sum it up, it is about a bunch of people that got stuck on a spaceship and they are trying to find their way home which is not so easy as you can assume. However, with those ancient magic stones  they can communicate with Earth by physically taking control of a body of an exact person on the super secret military base…anyway, watch and enjoy the video 🙂


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Ming-Na's lesbian character in Stargate Universe S1Ep09 - Life (video), 5.6 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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