Coincidences (2/?) – Emily/JJ femslash fanfic

Title: Coincidences
Author: frenhu
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: “Criminal Minds” belongs to CBS (but Peter and Dr. Wasgel are mine …hahaha (*evil laugh*).
Summary: A/U. Emily and JJ are not profilers. They don’t have anything to do with the FBI. They are just ordinary people: a translator and a soon-to-be-doctor. Their ways cross each other’s and we all know what that means: there are no coincidences.
Authors Note: A shout out to my wonderful beta, audiopineapple . You are awesome!

Part One

Emily and JJ in 100th episode of Criminal Minds

Emily sat in her office when a knock interrupted her typing. It was her colleague, Peter, who was like a brother to the brunette: working 7 years side by side, pulling long hours day by day created a very special bond between them. Peter was always there for Emily and vice versa: they trusted and respected each other.

“Hey, do you want to grab lunch at Guardo’s in 10 minutes?” – asked Peter somewhat out of breath.

Emily looked up at the red haired man and smiled, he was over 40 but he could easily deny 10 years: he was strong, athletic, handsome and had always a toothed smile on his face. Emily was blessed with a friend and coworker like him.

“Sure, meet you in front of the building, I just have to finish this document.” – she eyed her college for a minute and then asked somewhat surprised – “Why is that goofy smile you have now?”

Peter just rolled his eyes and said – “Can’t I just be pleased that I will have a pleasant lunch with my favourite girl, now can I?”

But she wasn’t fooled that easily – “No…you have something to tell…hmm…what is it?”

“Hey, I hate when you do this, reading me like an open book! Okay, okay, I will tell you at the restaurant. Meet you in 10!”

And just like that, Peter was gone. Emily starred after him, murmuring to herself something like “lovesick” and “hopeless” but eventually finished her work, got up and started to meet up with him.

When she spotted Peter at the bottom of the stairs in front of her office building and was just about to say they can go to eat, she realized that he was talking on his phone, so she waited patiently until he was finished.

The next thing transpired so fast, she didn’t have any time to realize what was happening: a boy with a bicycle ran past her so fast, it was only inches that the kid didn’t knock her down but it was just enough that she lost her balance and was immensely swept off of her feet and thus landing on the stairs. Her head met with concrete and it instantly started bleeding. When Peter turned around and saw the little accident, he immediately ran to her and helped her up.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me…this is like what, second time today….arrggghhh..” – a very frustrated Emily said as she tried to stand up.

“Second? Gosh…oh, wait, you are bleeding, God, we should check it out at the hospital…” – a very concerned Peter suggested as he measured the fresh wound on Emily’s head.

“No, no, there isn’t any need to….” – said Emily but as she was on her feet again, she felt suddenly dizzy and had to sit back on the stairs very slowly.

“Okay, maybe you are right…” This day is just getting better and better – though Emily who was a bit disoriented from the impact. She didn’t want to do anything with any hospital. She only wanted her well deserved lunch time and a piece of Sacher cake she thought about ever since they visited Guardo’s the last time.


Fortunately, the bleeding stopped soon after the incident and at the hospital, Dr. Wasgel as his nametag indicated, said that it was just a minor injury, it would heal in a few days or so. To avoid any headaches or dizziness during the next days – because there most possibly will be – he subscribed a few pills, just in case.

Peter and Emily were both relieved by the news and Peter insisted that Emily has to take off the rest of the day to rest. Emily was about to argue with him but then Peter already went a few steps away to call the office about it. The translator just smirked at him, he was always this protective of her and it was something she was very grateful for.

As she was sitting on the hospital bed, suddenly she heard someone saying her name but she didn’t recall who it could be. She searched for the source of the sound and then she spotted a blonde figure just across 4 beds from her.

“Jennifer? – the brunette blinked a few times before she realized that it was indeed the woman from The Coffee House this morning.

“Emily! God, what happened? I just saw you while I was checking on this other patient. Is everything alright?” The young resident was genuinely worried, that was evident in her posture as Emily met her eyes the second time that day. Jennifer immediately picked up the chart which was left at the end of the bed and scanned through the details in seconds. Emily was surprised about the other’s woman concern, it wasn’t like she was hit by a bus but she thought it was part of her job and a natural reaction to help others. Though, Emily felt warmness rushing through her body by this little gesture. She was taken care of.

“Ah, nothing really, some kid thought it would be fun to race on the sidewalk and apparently I was in his way. It will heal soon and now that I took the day off I may even have time to do the laundry.” – a small smile escaped through Emily’s mouth then she continued – “So I guess you work here. Do you feel better now?”

Jennifer was amazed by the brunette, Emily was the one who was injured and still, she asked her about her well being. “Yes, I managed to sleep a bit in the on-call room and now I’m as fresh for” – she took a quick glance at her watch calculating her shift’s end– “ 5 more hours as one can be.” – The blonde fell silent and watched Emily as she answered her. She was glad that she got to see the brunette again despite the unfortunate circumstances. If she was truthful to herself, the encounter with the translator kept her mind busy during the day and she already decided to have coffee the same time next morning at the café, in order to catch a glimpse at the brunette again. She hardly knew the woman but felt that there was a deep and unexplainable understanding between them. She wanted to know Emily Prentiss more thoroughly. Her thoughts were disturbed by a red haired man who was now standing next to Emily.

“Oh, Peter, I would like to introduce you to Jennifer. We’ve met this morning at the café and she works here as a resident. Peter McCoy, Jennifer Jareau. Peter is my college and friend from the office.”

“Ms. Jareau, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” – Peter was grinning widely as he shook the blonde’s hand.

“Likewise! And call me Jennifer. Ms. Jareau is way too official.” – replied JJ with a smile and was just about to ask whether they checked out yet and could help with anything when she heard a nurse calling hear name saying there was a car accident and multiple injuries are coming in.

“I better go now. Take care of yourself! Peter!” – the young woman’s last words were barely audible as she was already running to the entrance with two other doctors in her tail.

Peter was taken aback by Jennifer and he didn’t hide this little fact at all – “She is a hottie! Hey, where have you been hiding her so far? What do you think, would she be up to drink? I have to ask her out. Man…”

Emily eyes grew wide and she slapped lightly Peter’s arm, resulting a ‘hey, what?’ and a raised eyebrow from the man. “Last time I checked, you had a girlfriend who you were pretty much in love with.”

“Okay, let me rephrase: if I didn’t have a wonderful girlfriend at home waiting for me and I wouldn’t be totally in love with her, I would ask the young doc out…I mean wow, men must be knocking at her door every minute. She is stunning!”

The brunette couldn’t help but laugh at her friend’s momentary unfaithfulness, because she knew that Peter was the most romantic and loyal boyfriend a woman could ask for. Though, she couldn’t shake off the feeling what Peter radiated from himself as he was recovering from his previous moment of weakness: utter adoration towards the blonde. Because beyond doubts, Jennifer Jareau was really stunning.

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