About me

“She was the one who’d told me no pressure, no expectations, but she had to expect something? A smile, a laugh a simple glance, they all mean so much more when you like someone. You see everything in colour, every moment is analysed and noted whether it’s countable or not, and then if you are like me you wait and play these moments again and again just in case maybe you missed something important.”

This is me at the age of 6. Believe me I haven’t changed so much during the years. If you want to know more about me, ask. I’m here.

My YouTube channel. Browse, search, you will find it. 🙂
Update: unfortunately, my channel got deleted.

I live in Budapest, Hungary, Europe so if you ever come to my country, I will gladly show you around 🙂

Also, the question “Why am I blogging at all?” might pop up in your head. If you read this post you will be more closer to the answer.

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