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Dreams and bicycles

I don’t know why but one exact item constantly comes back in my dreams: a bicycle. Sometimes I’m in a race, other times someone is chasing me and I escape with it or I simply ride on it on a bridge. This two wheeled vehicle is always returning. So I looked up what it could mean and I came up with this:

“All vehicles symbolize our passage through the journey of life. Since the bicycle is usually acquired earlier in life than a car, it could be pointing out some of your adolescent tendencies. If you are a teenager, then it may be a routine way of getting around. Riding a bicycle in your dream may symbolize a need for balance and hard work in order for you to succeed in a current endeavor. Some think that the bicycle could also represent your need for some type of assistance. Consider all of the details in your dream, including whether you are traveling up or down the road.”

Balance or assistance….yeah, well, I need to work things out, who doesn’t? 🙂

And by the way, if I ever wanted a bicycle I would buy this beauty (Christmas, anyone??? It’s an Alta bike 😉 ) :


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