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Jorja Fox is back to CSI

Have you seen the new promo for CSI Season 10? No??? You should! The show will start on 24th September!

Jorja Fox is back for 5 episodes or so and after the so so boring Season 9 we need someone new(ish).

Take a peak:

If you are an international viewer, just like me, go here and copy this link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLkICK4HYDk) and there you go!


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Surprise, surprise – Louise Lombard is back!

Update: Damn, it’s a hoax! And I thought she will be back and the show will be interesting again…anyway, good news is that  Sara (Jorja Fox) is back for a couple of episodes!

Just got the news: Louise Lombard will be back to the new season of CSI!!! How wonderful is that??????

Sofia Curtis, we missed you really much! 😀

Louise Lombard returns to CSI season 10!

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Femslash fanfictions and their sources

Are you into fanfictions?

Sometimes I just love to read others’ femslash fanfictions. Why? It relaxes my mind and I love to be in another “universe” when I read them. I can imagine a whole other world, I can sometimes relate to the characters (if it’s really well written :)).
So here are a few pages where great fanfictions can be found:

PP (all kind of fanfictions)

Bad Girls fanfiction (UK series, Nikki/Helen)

ER (I loved this, unfortunately not active, from Season 7, Kim/Kerry,)

Sassy (You can find lots of fanfiction sites on LiveJournal if you are interested, just search for them, CSI:Las Vegas Sara/Sofia)

Fanfiction.net (search for femslash)

There are many others, these are just what came to my mind now.

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