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Affinity, the business of strangers and 3 other movies

Recently I’ve watched quite an amount of films. I was very pleased when I got Sarah Waters’ Affintiy, I was anxious because after Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith I expected something even more powerful.

And it was a let down. How could that be? I didn’t enjoy the acting, the editing and the actress, Zoe Tapper somehow was wrong in the movie. Maybe the book version is better, for me it seemed that the whole story was rushed…not fully developed. And the end…pfff….better not talking about it. I would not have a problem with it IF the movie was as well-directed and played as the previous two. Hmmm…..all I can say: I’m disappointed.

After that I wathed the movie “The Business of Strangers“. Now that was interesting!

If you watch that film, you will get a little lesbian subtext with Stockard Channing and Julia Stiles, great acting and please, someone kick me because I have to be more aware of Stockard!!! She was amazing! Great chemistry between her and Stiles. Although the movie is a bit slow, the characters are well developed and I just like when after a film you start to think about it and have lots of questions. Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, that’s what I need 🙂

And finally we (Vik and me) watched The Gymnast (beautiful editing!!! Also you have to memorize Ned Farr’s name!!!), Fingersmith (classic) and D.E.B.S. (okay, lot of you will say it’s cheesy but still I enjoyed it for the 5th time as well :D).

It was a great day, my “collection” is extending so watch out for me in the next few days 🙂

And on my YouTube channel I welcomed my 2000th subscriber and gladly noticed that my videos have been viewed over 2 million times!!!!!!! Thanks to all of you!

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