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Oublier Cheyenne (Looking for Cheyenne) and En la ciudad (In the city)


That’s the main focus of the two movies I watched during the last days. One is French the other is Spanish, both incredibly moving. I just love how these foreign films indicate so many emotions only in one short scene. You don’t get many details…you have to solve the puzzle, connecting the dots and finally getting the picture. I’m still wondering what the woman would have done after the movie (En la ciudad) was finished. Was she leaving or staying? Did she have the courage? To be with the other woman?

And regarding to Oublier Cheyenne: could love be so strong that one gave up everything she believed in? What really means “meant to be together”? Can you really not forget someone? How can you handle the loss of someone that you could die for?
And the questions could go on and on until we resolve why we’ve been created 😉

I highly recommend for you to watch these awesome movies. Go, rent the DVDs, buy them, anything. WORTH.IT.

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