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I just can not believe it. I mean has ever happend to you that you got close to one of your colleagues? You know, talking, more talking, then oh, I like her, going out for a movie, then dinner and then boom, a touch here a kiss there and a confession or awkwardness. Does it really happen? In REAL LIFE? (And of course your colleague is straight and never ever possibly have thought of that she could be attracted to another woman).

It happened in tv series like ER, Bad Girls, now Grey’s Anatomy. Even in Friends. Does it really exists? I have never heard of story like this from my friends or anyone close to me.
When you look for love (or other pleasures 😉 as a lesbian woman, you go to bars, clubs, surf the net and chat then meet. Or your friends hook you up with someone (still can’t understand how could anyone be friends with their exes…) and there you go, you can live your happy life.

Please, someone tell me it is possible! Pretty pleeeeeeaaassseeee, I’m dying here to hear a story like this!

Until then watch this scene from Grey’s Anatomy (S4 finale) where Callie and Hanh finally find each other 😀 It was time to do so!!!


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