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My favourite fanfictions # 1 (ER – Kim/Kerry)

Here to A Star
By Harriet

The bouquet of roses was a bright spot of color and a point of intense interest on the desk, and Randi did her best to pretend she was ignoring them. But the name on the card was driving her crazy: “DR. KERRY WEAVER”. Fourteen of the reddest long-stemmed roses she’d ever seen were expertly arranged in a large crystal vase, clearly a gift worth well into the hundreds of dollars. And there were fourteen: she’d counted twice, just to be sure. Careful to keep her eye out for Dr. Weaver, she peered closely at the card, hoping against hope that she’d be able to discern the sender just by looking at the envelope.

“Who got the flowers?” Randi nearly jumped a foot off her chair, momentarily terrified that the recipient of the card had busted her for snooping. But it was only Haleh, fortunately, and Randi was grateful for small favors.

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