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Natalia is back!

Yeah, this week Natalia has returned to Springfield, to Olivia. I don’t know about you but I’ve lost interest in the storyline a bit. They have one more month until the show will be canceled and have no clue how their relationship will go. But I think, eventually it will be a happy ending, although it’s really strange to me that Natalia declares she wants to raise the baby with Olivia and yet, they have never even kissed before. It doesn’t make any sense. However, it’s a soap opera after all!

Anyway, here are 4 clips in which we see them together again after their time apart. Enjoy!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MsBVAMYw4I[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIro4p6997M[/youtube]

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Otalia – touchy, touchy, yay, yay

After yesterday’s all touchy and almost-kiss episode (damn, they were so close!!) we get this today! Gosh, I need more of them like this!!!! They are extremely sweet!!!


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Home Tonight (Part 1/2) – Guiding Light fanfiction

Otalia - Olivia/Natalia from Guiding Light soap operaTitle: Home Tonight
Author: Kerisempai
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia – Otalia
Rating: PG
Archiving: Just ask, I’ll say yes.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Guiding Light, but I hear it’s for sale. Anyone want to chip in?
Summary: Olivia had some travel difficulties returning from San Francisco.
A/N: Just a little speculation on how Olivia returns to Natalia.

Olivia Spencer shut the car door as quietly as possible, exhaustion written in every line of her body. It had been a very long, very bad day.

Leaving Ava had been bitter sweet. In the midst of packing and unpacking they’d had a great deal of time to talk, about life and love and their relationship. Olivia had also seen it as the perfect opportunity to discuss her feelings for Natalia, a kind of trial run at explaining what Natalia had become to her.

She’d been relieved at Ava’s easy acceptance. Her daughter had simply reached out and hugged her. “She makes you happy. I can see it on your face. You simply light up when you talk about her.” Olivia had smiled and nodded, unable to express how right Ava was.

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Guiding Light Ficlet – Until I Can Breathe Again – Otalia

Title: Until I Can Breathe Again
Author: jaina47
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Um, I don’t know that there are any specifically, but through the 5/6/09 episode.
Summary: Just a little bit of speculation on my part about what might happen the day after Emma arrives.
Disclaimer: All characters (Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera & Emma Spencer) and situations belong to Guiding Light and whoever it is that owns it. I’m not them.
Notes: The title is from a Sarah Mclachlan song called Train Wreck, and goes something like: And your mouth, it’s all that I wish; Mercy of your lips, just one kiss; Until I can breathe again.

The room is still dark when Natalia wakes. Instinct – an unerring sixth sense developed over years of waking up early to get her kid ready for school before she has to get in to work – tells her that it’s morning already. She shifts slightly so that she can look over at the bed’s other two occupants.

She sees Emma first, the little girl curled between she and Olivia like a warming, living barrier that Natalia has to admit she’s just a little bit grateful for. Having Emma there makes it so much less awkward. It puts them back on familiar ground. But Natalia can’t help but feeling a hint of regret at being back on that familiar ground.

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Fanfiction: A New Routine – Otalia

Title: A New Routine
Author: Kerisempai
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: T
Summary: Olivia and Natalia begin to make their way into the physical side of being in love.
A/N: Spoilers for 5/6/09. Despite the awesome scenes of this week, I know that we are in for so much more angst. This is my attempt to mentally skip that and create my own little piece of heaven.

Otalia (Guiding Light) by marleypants

Routine was good.

Routine was safe, and predictable, and comforting. Routine got Emma off to school on time, and chores done, and bills paid. Olivia Spencer was familiar with routine; Natalia had conditioned her to be so. Only the routine had started to change lately.

The first few weeks after Natalia and Frank’s aborted wedding had been trying for both of them. It had been rough. There had been tears and harsh words, doubts and ifs. Their spa weekend away had been the tipping point. Oh, they’d fought and thrown clothes, but eventually they’d settled down and actually talked.

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Otalia fanfiction drabble – Shame

TITLE: Shame
FANDOM: Guiding Light
SPOILERS: For 5/5.

When Natalia went to the spa she took her closet with her – literally. But she’s back from the spa now and she’s still carting it around, metaphorically this time. It’s with her everywhere she goes. It’s in the tension of her muscles when Olivia strolls beside her, in the thundering of her heart when strangers look at them twice in the street. It’s in the sweat on her palms as Olivia reaches out to take her hand.

“You can have my love or your shame,” Olivia whispers. “Not both.”

When Natalia’s fingers squeeze hers tighter, Olivia knows what she’s chosen.

The End.

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The Goddess Edition – Podcast with Crystal Chappell by BPD!


After one week of “Lattes with Leccia” we get another podcast with the other wonderful actress, Crystal Chappell from Guiding Light! She is amazing and finally we get a little hint of what is coming with the two of them in the storyline! Damn, we need a kiss but it’s soooo far away!
So here it is, enjoy and thanks for everybody who made it possible:

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Otalia fanfiction: Made For One [PG]

Title – Made For One
Author –
– Guiding Light
– Olivia/Natalia
Spoilers and/or Warnings
– Slightly spoilerish for the May 4th week. Slightly. I just took the starting point and then did my own thing.
– Olivia cannot see to the other side. One-shot.
– PG
– Oh yes, easily resolved…lol

It starts with four inches.

Not quite a great divide, but it feels like a canyon right now. Open and wide, hard to cross. You’d have to put your hand over your brow and squint, trying to see whomever might be on the other side.

Four inches in a bed truly made for one. It might as well be a mile, that is what Olivia thinks.
She’d like to have a drink, but she doesn’t want to move.
Moving requires… well, movement and then Natalia would know that she is up. Natalia might turn on a light and then questions would happen.
And Olivia, being Olivia, might say something stupid.

Better to stay still. Just close my eyes. Try to forget the fact that I am in bed, with the woman I love, and we aren’t talking to each other. Yep. Let’s forget that.

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Fic:One room – Otalia (Guiding Light)

Title: One Room
Guiding Light
What happened on the trip away? Natalia’s POV
Let’s just say all episodes from 2008 to next week. To be safe. I know very little about the early stages of their relationship except from what I’ve read on Wikipedia and seen on you tube so please forgive any canon errors. I was going to wait for a beta….but I have no patience heh heh. Please don’t be too harsh. If it helps consider this AU? heh
GL and characters owned by P & G, CBS …basically everyone but me. No intent to profit etc.
… Not sure this is one of my favorite stories. but the idea woke me up the other night so I figured I might as well write it. I also normally don’t care to do stories in 1st person but once again, I had no control over what came out. Lastly, I hope the changes from past to present isn’t too confusing.

Otalia (Guiding Light) by Lectra

A small smile drifts across my face as I sit in a chair watching the woman currently sleeping in the bed. Try though I might, I can’t stop my smile from widening as I notice that Olivia has curled up into a ball and is lying so close to the edge that it’s almost an inevitability she’s going to fall out. Apparently, even in her sleep, Olivia is always thinking about me. She had sworn up and down last night before bed that she would behave herself and now…she just looks so cute if uncomfortable.

The beginnings of our weekend away were anything but idyllic. Given the history of our relationship, I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything else. It started with Frank accosting Olivia at the hospital. He had been informed of our relationship by Doris Wolfe, (I admit, I do feel a bit sorry for her when Olivia gets back to Springfield), and he didn’t believe her. His defense of me was what led to him being beaten up and once again I was overtaken by guilt. My inability to face my feelings had caused this man an inordinate amount of pain, both physical and emotional, that he didn’t deserve. When he went after Olivia, however, my guilt was immediately replaced with a white hot anger that I was unfamiliar with.

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Morning Snuggle – Otalia fanfiction (Guiding Light)

Title: Morning Snuggle

Author: Meatisadelicacy
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: They aren’t mine, unforunately.
And also: Thanks to takethisstep for her beta services.


Under normal circumstances, the little girl would still be deep within Morpheus’ realm at 7:06 on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately, since moving out of the farmhouse and into the new apartment, things had been anything but normal for the displaced Spencer women. Emma wasn’t exactly sure why, but she knew they were not as happy at their new home as they had been living with Natalia. She supposed that her mommy was missing Natalia just as much as she was, which led to the start of their new weekend ritual.

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