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Louise Lombard in Stargate Universe

Louise Lombard is off the radar nowadays which kinda sucks. She won’t be back on CSI, she was replaced in NCIS:Los Angeles after the intro episodes and she hasn’t been in any movies lately.

So you can tell how happy I was when it was announced that she will appear in an episode of the new Stargate Universe tv show (in which Ming-Na, known from ER, is playing a lesbian. You can find an interview with her on AfterEllen. And I recommend to watch today’s epi called “Life”. Why? Just watch it, no spoilers from me 🙂 ).Ming-Na in Stargate Universe

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Probably everything you wanted to know about Paget Brewster

Honesty, I don’t know how I missed this one hour interview with the actress but good God, don’t make the same mistake as me, watch it right now! I knew that she was great but this brilliant? Gaah, I won’t say another word, just enjoy!! A must see for every Paget Brewster fan!!



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My Camille Jones – An interview, a video, a woman.

When Camille Jones’ song, Creeps, came out (featuring by Fedde Le Grand), I was like….whoooaaa…that woman has a voice…a body…..and the music clip…hands up who doesn’t feels her aura when watching the video….just fucking amazing…

Okay, so this interview was made last year, late october (and I still can’t believe that she’s not coming to Budapest this year but to Bucharest….Camille: COME TO BUDAPEST as well, pretty please!!!!!):

1. When did you start learnig music? Was anybody in your family who has influenced you in your decision?

I started playing music when I was around eight years old. I went to this music school in Denmark where my dad was a teacher and a musician too, so I guess I was under heavy influence from my family.

2. What kind of music did you like when you were child? What is your favourite music?

I listened to a lot of funk, soul and R’n’B when I was a kid. I was crazy about Chaka Khan, Kool And The Gang, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.
Now I listen to all kinds of music, from Jose Gonzalez to Foo Fighters to techno, house just about everything…

3.Do you still live in Denmark?

I just recently moved back to Copenhagen after living both in New York and London. I like it here and it’s good to be back 🙂

4.How is the music industry in Denmark? Is the life of an artist easy concerning to make the breakthrough and to become a nationally popular musician?

Well, there is only about five million people living in Denmark so the competition is maybe not as big as in larger countries but we have a lot of talented musicians, so it’s not easy either…

5.How do you like the Fedde Le Grand remix of The creeps?

I love it! I’m doing a extended version of it live and that really gets the party going!

6.How did your life change thanks to this remix?

I’ve never sold that many records or played to many concerts, it feels like I finally getting the break through I’ve been working at so many years.

7.What are your short-term plans? When will you release your new album?

I’m working in the studio right now finishing up the album and it’s going to be released in 2008.

8. What are you doing right now?

Besides working on the album I’m writing music for a new Danish film coming out next year. It’s very exiting doing something different and I would love to work more with film music.

9.Have you ever been to Hungary?

No, but would love to come!!

10.Do you plan to come to Hungary and give a concert?

Yes, my agent is working on that territory at the moment.

That’s it! So watch out for her new album! I’m eagerly waiting for it! And for her concert! Anyone has seen her live?

Aaaannnd speakers on, here we go:

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