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New layout – New domain

First of all, I have to praise my brother because he was so kind as to help me with this new theme (which looks greatgreatgreatgreatgreat), so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was not pleased with the blogger dashboard and everything, so here is my shiny little wordpress blog (I’ve been using WP for more than a year now and I think this is the best). Oh, and the my domain has changed also:


Simple, isn’t it? 🙂

Hope you will like this just like I do now 🙂

Note: there are a few links which are not working right now, I will fix it as soon as I get the time.

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Bit playing…

…with the widgets. Trying new widgets out on my site, you will see the development 😀 You can comment if you want to see any additional function on my blog.

(I’m rewatching CSI: Las Vegas, now I’m at Season 6 and my fave character, Sofia, is way tooooo hot! I have a thing for beautiful, strong women, can’t help it 😉

By the way: anyone here?

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