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Being Erica and a lesbian in the past – Erica/Cassidy

Being Erica Canadian TV show - IntroThe other day I discovered another great TV series called “Being Erica” (it’s Canadian by the way) which is about a 32 years old woman who made all the bad decisions in her past. One day though, she meets with a “therapist” (Dr. Tom) who helps her to make those wrong moves vanish by transporting Erica back to her past. Isn’t is wonderful?? You can make a do-over everytime!

Although it might scare you off a little but please, give it a try because it has something to say. And it’s fun. And hilarious! And also has an episode with a lesbian storyline where even 3 kisses happen…with boobs touching…and making out…between two woman! On television! 😀 Of course it’s just for one episode but when my gf and I watched this we had to blink quite a few times (Is that really happening? And they show this? Really?? How hot Cassidy is???)

After the cut, watch it and enjoy:

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