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Various icons

I’ve collected over 150 icons from several places regarding to TV shows with femslash possibility (e.g. CSI, ER, WMC, Xena, etc.) and just the ones I like for some reason.

I must say thanks to all of the creators who made them!!!



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My fave fanfictions #3 – Women’s Murder Club, Lindsay/Cindy

Cindy and Lindsay from Women's Murder Club

I have to thank another great writer for this fanfiction (which will be even more longer than the pervious one but please read! :). In the story we will get to know Cindy’s darker side (because she has one!) and Lindsay’s softer one. I hope you will like it as much as I did.

Author: TexasWatermelon
Fandom: Women’s Murder Club
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy
Rating: R
Summary: Cindy makes a few changes after getting shot.

Part 1 – Je Veux Te Voir

It’s a strange kind of feeling; a good, sizzling, churn in your gut jump start your brain kind of feeling, but strange all the same. Because it’s not one you’ve ever felt before. Funny how getting shot does things to you.

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My favourite fanfictions # 2 (Women’s Murder Club – Lindsay/Cindy)

Misty Flores was so kind and she allowed me to put one of her best story on my blog, so here it is 🙂

Thanks! (I must warn you, it’s a bit long, but hell, worth the reading!! And I hope many of you are familiar with this tv show (especially because of the Lindsay/Cindy subtext 😉 )! Unfortunately it was cancelled after the first season but the Virtual Second Season is coming by the fans 🙂 If you are interested in more, visit IMDB’s site, for more fanfiction: P&P)

Title: And Isn’t This Exactly Where You’d Like Me
Author: Misty Flores

When Lindsay Boxer, thin-lipped and crabby, showed up on the afternoon of her scheduled release date and told her she would be taking her home, Cindy Thomas was surprised, to say the least.

She had expected Jill, or Claire. Not Lindsay.

Not because she didn’t want to see Lindsay, but Lindsay had been distant lately. She had been the first one to bail on her after she had been shot. She had visited only sporadically in the week that followed.

And of course, Cindy understood. She was slightly bitter about it, but she understood. Because Lindsay had Pete. Her perfect studmuffin. The guy who was apparently so good in bed Lindsay was totally okay with leaving her all high and medicated and sporting a hole in her chest, to go on a freaking date.

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