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One birthday. 50 years.

So yes, it was a great one week. I’ve got sunburn because of the swimming and sunbathing all the time…damn, why do people have to work when they could go somewhere nice and relax and have fun allllll daaaayyyy loooonnnngggg….daydreaming…I know…it’s just so hard to get back to the working days, like I was 3 hours ago on vacation at a really sunny and nice place and then bang, you are back in your office and….you know the rest, it’s just not fair.

Anyway, I’m uploading right now the rest of Family Pack (I know, I’ve been cruel about not putting up the last 3 scenes but don’t blame me, work is where I have to be at least 9 hours a day…), and I’m not browsing for another film what I could upload.

Oh, and a saleswoman thought I’m under 18…..tssss……I’m waaaaaaayyyyy over 18. I mean…yeah….way over…

And I have a video about a swan! Yes, a SWAN! 😀 He (or she) was soooo cute I had to film it. (Call me weird, I just love beautiful things in this world 🙂

And the title. Yes, my mum celebrated her 50th birthday the day before yesterday! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I talked with Sg. the other day and she said that finally, she is settled. Can you believe this? After years she says she is s-e-t-t-l-e-d. Pfff….
And my other “mate”…well, her girlfriend is cheating on her and confessed but they’ll stay together. They’ve just bougth a house recently (well, she is almost 40, the gf is close to 30) so she doesn’t know what to do. What the hell???
I think nobody should sacrifice her own happiness for another person even if it’s bloody hurting at that time. I’ve been through that, it was enough. Give yourself a lot more credit then you think.

Soooo since I can’t make myself to upload any photos or videos now, I will do it tomorrow.

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