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Lola Glaudini and Paget Brewster in Andy Richter Controls the Universe

Another must-see for every Paget Brewster fan: Andy Richter Controls the Universe. It was a comedy tv show from 2002, only with two seasons but she is hilarious in this! Seriously, she has some fine scenes and most of them are funny so here is a clip by the wonderful KwOooh, fantastic compilation!! 🙂


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Probably everything you wanted to know about Paget Brewster

Honesty, I don’t know how I missed this one hour interview with the actress but good God, don’t make the same mistake as me, watch it right now! I knew that she was great but this brilliant? Gaah, I won’t say another word, just enjoy!! A must see for every Paget Brewster fan!!



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Criminal Minds and Paget Brewster

Paget Brewster - Criminal MindsI became a Criminal Minds fan despite the fact that till the middle of the second season I didn’t even like the show 🙂
Then the storylines became much more interesting, the characters’ development was fascinating so I got hooked (Paget Brewster plays SSA Emily Prentiss in the series btw)!

Strange but after watching all the four seasons it had not even crossed my mind to watch bloopers, interview with the cast or behind the scene videos. And I realized I missed a lot because when you come across Paget Brewster, you are blown away!!! She is smart, funny, witty, jokes around all the time with a heartful laugh, always charmful in her interviews so what’s there not to adore?

Her latest interview was on 14th July, take a look! 🙂
Also there are more interviews below from 2008 and 2006 and a really special little scene from her time when she played a character in the series “Huff”…Paget Brewster kissing another woman???? Oh, you better not miss it!

So read further and watch all the goodies!

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