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Only one scene from ER that changes your life

At least, my life.

That was the scene when I realised something. That there is more out there. That I found something new, something earthshaking. Something true.
I was a solid ER fan back then and on every Tuesday (in Hungary, it was the air-date) I watched the episodes.

Then one night, this scene burnt in my memory like nothing else before. That exact moment, when you know…your life has changed forever. I was excited, curious what it could be and it came to me like a natural thing. Then I had my first girlfriend and I knew this is what I was subconsciously looking for.

I’ve met wonderful people along the way (Rosa, how could I ever possible thank all you’ve been doing for me???), all my friends were understanding (really, nobody turned their back to me) and I’m lucky that I ran into this scene. That’s why lesbian related movies, tv series, scenes are so important! Without it I wouldn’t know who I really am.

Strange, isn’t it?

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