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Question of the week – quality lesbian movies: where art thou?

film_reelI’m stuck with finding quality lesbian movies. And I’m totally at loss why the same 30+ movies or so are on all the websites repeatedly…. Yeah,  those movies are mostly great but I don’t want to watch it 100 times because it’s the only thing what they promote.

Why is that?

There are hundreds of short films out there that I would love to see as feature films!

Would it be true that there are no demand for these kind of movies??? I doubt so! When I started my YouTube channel 1 year ago (R.I.P.) within months I had like 3000 subscribers and over 2 million watches! We are hungry for movies that represents us in the mainstream media which was proved by several TV shows in which there was/is a bisexual/lesbian character and the buzz came down with its full force: everyone was blogging and tweeting about it, forums got tons of comments…

So is it too much to ask to be more quality lesbian films available? Without any dramatic ending, where the character won’t die or go back to men? Why can’t we get at least a hopeful story?

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