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My favourite fanfictions # 4 (ER – Kim/Kerry)

Speed Bumps
By Harriet

Kim hugged her knees as her eyes lingered on the white expanse before her. Her gaze followed the valleys and curves with affection and desire, warmth coursing so far inside her if felt as though it went as deep as the marrow of her bones. She was hesitant to break the spell with touch, but couldn’t bear to keep her hand still any longer. It had been too long that she’d been denied this pleasure, any pleasure, really. Everything had been so cold, and she had been alone, longing, hurting.

She stretched her palm out gently and let it hover over the center of Kerry’s back, feeling the intense heat the small body generated. She left her hand there, wondering how such a slip of a woman could hold so much energy. A minute passed, and she felt the fatigue in her arm beginning to set in.

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