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News of the week: TV Guide scoop on Criminal Minds and one happy dance

God, I know it seems that this blog is turning into Criminal Minds and Paget Brewster obsession page but please, bear with me because I just got the freakishly great news today and I’m bouncing up and down…I know, I know…And now you are curious what I’m blabbing about? Take a look at the new scoop at  TV Guide and pay attention to one little question there about Criminal Minds and Prentiss:

“I’m obsessed with Criminal Minds! Are they ever going to get Prentiss a boyfriend? — Erin
ADAM: Based on the number of emails we receive about a Hotch-Prentiss hookup each week, the fan demand is certainly there. There’s just one pesky problem, according to executive producer Ed Bernero. “We don’t even know if Prentiss is straight,” he tells me. Bernero was coy about whether or not we’ll actually see any girl-on-girl action, but he did say that Hotch and Prentiss are an essential pair. “I think what’s more important to us is their friendship. It’s too important to mess up with them sleeping together.”

I mean really???? 😀 It’s so good that they are thinking about that too (not about the Hotch/Prentiss pairing because that would be just yuck!) and maybe, just maybe there will be some reference to her sexuality in the future! 🙂

Finally, after the photos of the celebration of the 100th episode there is a clip with spoilers so watch carefully!!


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