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Horseriders Toward the Abyss – DJ Bootsie

I do not know how I haven’t come across with this unique song (and musician !!!) until now (and it’s even Hungarian) but now I’m totally in love with it! Listen why (this was even in one episode of CSI Miami):

DJ Bootsie

At the age of 13 Bootsie became infatuated with hip hop records. On vacation in Germany he scavenged his first record player from a rubbish pile in a well-heeled neighborhood. He began practicing, trying to figure out how to use the turntable as an instrument to draw melodies and rhythms out of record scratches. In 1995 he formed a group called Arral Szemben (literally “Against the Current”) with his pal Benski; he composed the fundamentals of the tunes and Benski came up with the words.

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